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It is also used to determine whether the indications of the natal chart is going to manifest with diffi culty or ease. Nodes — Rahu and Ketu are the north and south nodes of the moon. These are the points where eclipses occur. Paksha- bala gradually increases and decreases over the course of the lunar month, yet for practical purposes the Moon is considered weak by some astrologers if its distance from the Sun is less than 90 degrees. Prishtodaya — A sign that rises with its back. Raja Yoga Karaka — A planet owning both an angular house 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th and a trinal house 5th or 9th attaining a very important and positive status.

Rashi — The main birth chart from which all other harmonic charts are derived. The Natal Chart. Retrograde — A retrograde planet refers to a visual phenomenon that occurs due to different speeds of the planets in relation to the earth. When this happens to a planet its speed decreases until it appears to become stationary. It will then appear to be moving backwards retrograde through the zodiac for a period of time. If the junction point occurs between a water and a fi re sign this is considered to be particularly inauspicious, this area being referred to as gandanta.

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Sanyasi — One who lives in the world without any material attachments or possessions. Of these five the most important is undoubtedly the Navamsha chart, which, in a Vedic horoscope, is nearly always shown alongside the main Rashi chart. Including the Rashi chart these are referred to as the Shadvargas or six divisional charts. Shirshodaya — A sign that rises with its front. Sthira — Fixed sthira signs are intense, steadfast and resistant to sudden change.

Tajika — Tajika aspects were expounded in detail by Neelakantha, an Indian astrologer who lived during the 16th century.

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These are the very same aspects as the five major aspects conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile used in Western astrology, which measures aspects from planet to planet rather than from planet to sign. The orbs the allowance of deviation from an exact aspect used by Neelakantha are exactly the same as those recommended by William Lilly, the 17th century English astrologer. Trik — The 6th 8th and 12th houses are considered inauspicious. Trimamsa — The Trimsamsa or 30th Harmonic is rather different from the other divisional charts.

For a start it seems to have little to do with the division of a sign by It consists of 5 unequal division and lacks any reference to Cancer or Leo. Never-the-less this is an important division chart for understanding major health issues or periods of misfortune. The Zodiac is the 12 fold division of the sky.

Each 30 degree division has its own influence and energy. This especially applies to the 11th house, where planets gradually strengthen and improve in quality and infl uence.

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Yoga — In Jyotish, a yoga means a combination. Usually this is a particular combination of two or more planets, although it can also mean a combination of a planet and sign or a planet and house, often involving the aspect of another planet. Sometimes more than two planets are involved, so that if one where to list all the various yogas given in the classical texts the number would run into thousands. Categories: Vedic Astrology Lessons. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Saturn rules the colours Navy blue and black, which are akin to seriousness, coldness, and finality.

Things turn dark when they are dead, when the colour of life has gone out.

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The sky is either blue or black because the distance we are looking at when we look at the sky is always insurmountable, being such a far distance. When we look across the land the trees in the distance are more "greyed out" than the closer trees, because that distance, being insurmountable, takes on the dulling effects of Saturn. If something is hazy or unclear, it is because it is "out of reach" and that is Saturn again.

When Saturn affects a house or planet in a chart, then it "shuts it down" to some degree, by means of it's strong oppressing power. Saturn has the ability to oppress anything. When it aspects the Moon, or Mind, then the person feels the effects of Saturn in their mind, which basically leads to depression. Saturn is large and slow, and so it rules these things. Large slow things cause a lot of pressure, and so does Saturn. When Saturn affects something, it slows it down, puts it under pressure, and ultimately crushes it under its tremendous weight and restrictive power.

On the good side, these things give it rule over focus. Focus is a funny thing - it means application of pressure for a certain goal. Saturn can make things it affects highly focused or controlled, which at times is a very good quality. Because of all these things, Saturn is considered a "first class malefic", or in other words, a planet capable of doing great harm.

But that is spoken from the angle of vision of the materially oriented. Materially speaking Saturn is usually malefic, except when his reduction and crushing capacity is used, in the chart, against the enemies of our material progress. For example, if Saturn is situated in such a way as to crush the twelfth house, or the house of losses, then our losses are crushed, which means we don't lose as much.

But Saturn has another good side. Consider the diamond - it is created from black coal under great pressure for a long time. Saturn rules coal, pressure, and long periods of time. So, Saturn creates the diamond, which is very beautiful and extremely hard. When a person is under Saturn, they eventually become beautiful and hard, or shining and strong.

The trials and struggles that Saturn puts us through teach us hard lessons. Therefore Saturn rules the side of the religious peoples which is strong in principal, unbending, renounced from material motivations, and so forth. Saturn has a lot to do with the dark blue colour worn by most Police officers, and the black worn by many Priests. Men often wear dark suits to do business, because it promotes a no-nonsense, dead-serious demeanour in their business dealings.

Saturn rules the low workers or Shoodras, as we say in Sanskrit. This is because he rules all things low and difficult. Things which are cold, dark, hard and created under pressure are ruled by Saturn, so he rules many types of metal like iron and steal, as well as the tools of hard work. Because he is an old man, he rules old things. Saturn is the slowest moving graha, and represents the more time related aspects in life: endurance, sense responsibility, hard work, longevity and reclusion.

It is typically described as the bringer of grief and misery in life, but if it is auspiciously placed in a chart it will be one's best insurance against poverty. Saturn is best placed in Tula Libra where is called exalted. Opposite from there, in Mesha Aries it is least auspicious and called debilitated.

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Saturn is lord of the sign Makara Capricorn and Kumbha Aquarius also of the houses where these signs are located. Saturn signifies: Discipline, order, structure, dependable, stability, separation, solitude, limitation, obstruction, poverty, death, disease, oppression, pessimistic, worry, fear, bad luck, old age, delays, retards things, concentration, paralysis, depression, stunted, deprivation, bondage, fixed assets, land, property, endurance and lasting, doubt, phobias, darkness, sorrow, longevity, detachment, decay. Keywords : Obsession, attachment, distorted perception, blowing things out of proportion, psychic ability.

In the most ancient scriptures on vedic astrology we do not find the names of Rahu and its counterpart, Ketu.

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Instead, only seven planets are mentioned. The name of Rahu first appears in the Mahabharata, when we read the story of the churning of the Ocean of Milk in the search for ambrosia - the elixir of immortality known as amrita in Sanskrit. Rahu was the son of Danava Vipracitti by his wife Simhika, and a brother of Maya Danava, the great magician and architect.