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Many historians refute this however, and say his interpretation of the Oghram symbols is largely based on his creative mind being at work. However hard-core scientists have never been fans of the paranormal or the spiritual, so no change there. Either way, have a look at your sign.

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July 18, June 27, June 13, They like to astonish people and be in the highlight; they can scarify everything to achieve everyone's attention. These people think that it should be them who make the final decision and have the last word. They have the ability to resolve the most complicated problems. They don't realize how dangerous some satiations are. Moreover, they are quite improvident and often get tangled in unforeseen situations.

These people are quite optimistic, which results in frequent careless acts both in business and private life. This sign is inclined to excesses. Even though this sign seems independent, it is quickly responsive to external influences. Directed by a skillful person, people of this sign may become not a free but a necessary agent.

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These people give their soul and body to the deed they choose. Therefore, there are many heroes and martyrs among people of this sign. Being an object of another person's influences, Kartas Southern has the ability to influence others as well. This sign can encourage people around it.

It is rather persistent and among those who are always right. It is sensitive, susceptible and sentimental - may be committed forever and see love as the greatest thing in the whole world. Everything else is seen as a way of time spending - pleasant enough but not important. These people are rather intelligent and have the ability of rational problem-evaluation. These people think and make their decisions so quickly that many people are just amazed. They have artistry in their character as well. Most often, they reveal their talents in the field of music.

Anyway, they have a well-developed feeling of rhythm. The sign is born for adventures.

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Hence, their life is quite mobile and diverse. The sign features: impulsiveness, optimism, intelligence, and deduction skills. I must admit there are some traits that ring true - mainly the negative ones though..

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CaptainXeroid Following Christ. Like Michel, mine is Kartas Southern. Funny thing, I was thinking about horoscopes on my birthday was last week. One thing I noticed in my Leo Horoscope and these is that with several broadly defined traits for each sign, I think most people could find a few under each sign that apply to them. It is entertaining though. KirbyFan Resident Ball of Fluff. I find it to be inaccurate. This is also the first horoscope I have seen to single a persons date of birth out "march 21". Lady Crimson credo quia absurdum.

Nature and the Celtic Tree Calendar

My horoscopes usually fit me well. I'm a pisces, a metallic Horse chinese zodiac and a bear American Indian Horoscope. But the whole Linden tree thing didn't quite fit. There were a few aspects which don't suit me at all. ES, if you thought your combination was wacked, what about mine? I'm a half horse, half bear that can breath underwater and smells like tea.

Shadow Wolf Crazy Diamond. My combinations work together nicely. Do you think we should create another thread to discuss what happens when horoscopes combine? That'd be kind of cool! Prima Well-Known Member. Mine fit me perfectly. But then again, it's necessary to compare truth with your view of yourself and others view of you. The three can be rather different.