January 2020 vedic astrology predictions

The general historic importance of Jupiter-Saturn cycles has long been observed. Since the s, all the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions except a few in the early s have been occurring in the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

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Falling in the first degree of Aquarius, an Air sign. The change of conjunctions from Earth to Air indicates moves away from, for example, fossil fuels and materialism. In their place come an emphasis on new ideas, information, technology, equality for all and respecting our environment. The decentralized political structures indicated here are very different to the regeneration of corporate power indicated by Jupiter-Pluto above.

Perhaps they will combine, or just simply co-exist. Also to Julian Venables for banging on and on! We may have to wait until Pluto enters Aquarius in for the real revolutions. Good luck to all — I think we need it! Filed under Astrology and birth chart interpretation Tagged with astrology , astrology , predictions , Aquarius , astrology , birth chart , Birth charts , capitalism , Capricorn , corporate control , Corruption , Cosmos And Psyche , democracy , ecology , economics , human rights , Jupiter-Pluto conjunction , Jupiter-Saturn conjunction , kindness , mundane astrology , neoliberal capitalism , politics , power , recession , Richard Tarnas , Saturn-Pluto , Saturn-Pluto conjunction , shadow.

In Uranus exited Aries then there was the lunar eclipse in Cancer and then in Capricorn, then the stellium of soon. Hang in there kal, increasingly difficult times for many of us. Best wishes, TB.

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January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part Two

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Posts Comments. Share this:. September 6, at am. Tim says:. October 1, at pm. Together with your authorities. With world authorities.

January Astrology Predictions – Part One | Jessica Adams

Mars is a logo for attack and defence in astrology. Most cancers is a logo for patriotism. Yet — the astrology is there. History tells us, January 6th to 13th is a crossroads for a world that desires peace, not warfare. We now have an extended lead-time. The crisis begins on November 11th, , when Pluto moves to 21 Capricorn and will increase from December 29th, 4 days after Christmas, when Saturn moves to 21 Capricorn.

Ceres moves to 21 Capricorn ninth, 10th, 11th and Mercury shall be at 21 Capricorn on the 11th with the Solar at 21 Capricorn on the 12th. The final time we noticed such rare astrological concentrate on cycles at Capricorn 20, 21, 22 was and was equally intense.

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In reality, it was nuclear-strength. Again then we saw Uranus and Neptune at 20, 21, 22 Capricorn with new considerations concerning the stability of power in nuclear nations. Between January sixth and 13th we will need to take a look at North Korea, her program of missile checks and her report on nuclear website inspection.

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We also needs to embrace Iraq on this and China. Talking about questions referring to power, and superpowers, and empowerment, and compromises on energy — additionally it is time to think about Amazon in January The corporate was founded on July fifth, , with Neptune at 22 Capricorn aspected by the North Node at 22 Scorpio banks, enterprise and the South Node at 22 Taurus retail, shares. Once we speak concerning the international affecting the local in astrology this may be a very good instance for you.

Do you store at Amazon? There shall be a crisis and transformation involving the Particular Relationship between america of America and Nice Britain between Monday January 6th and Monday January 13th, That is shoulder onerous towards shoulder.

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Pluto was final in Capricorn between 9th January and January 27th, This can be a sweeping development concerning the politics between the 2 nations and the whole transformation of their relationship which each other, as allies and companions. We are about to see the historic recycling of karma. In February fifth to July 16th and December 11th to 31st.

In , January 1st to March 28th and Might 21st to December 31st. In , January 1st to 17th and August 17th to November 21st. What happens in January to world trade, taxation and shares will make the Boston Tea Celebration seem like…a tea celebration. We are obviously taking a look at an historic crisis and transformation and a brand new order — nuclear and economic.

Here is the record, which can be triggered between Monday, January sixth and Monday, January 13th, I am positive you possibly can see who comes out on prime of the brand new world order, in case you keep in mind that Jupiter is the symbol for the most effective and biggest in astrology. China will experience this historic line-up of Pluto, Ceres and Saturn at 22 Capricorn, precisely conjunct her Jupiter at 22 Capricorn, timed by Mercury the faster-moving planet of stories on Sunday January 12th, Astrology is history, mythology, sociology and synchronicity.

That is how you make predictions. And in addition, why you must! We, the individuals, want to track this earlier than it even comes to move to ensure the stakes are stored as little as attainable. As an astrologer, I all the time cope with American readers who sort day, month and yr dates in reverse order to British and Australian calendar dates.